Fujinon® Endoscopy Timeline info©

What’s New Next?
2000 2003 Announced the new advanced 490 series endoscopes showing the highest ever image quality with Fuji Super CCD keeping a routine class outer diameter.
  2002 Introduced new processor EPX-2200 with 150W Xenon lamp together with highly ergonomic G5 type scopes.
  2002 The double balloon method enteroscopy was demonstrated by Dr.Yamamoto of Jichi Medical School in Canada resulting in a world wide reputation.
1990 1998 Introduced a distal end insertion type Sonoprobe that allowed additional function of radial-scanning
ultrasonography to routine-use video endoscopes.Endoscopy
  1997 Announced the new system Sigma 400 that allowed use of the world’s first 850K pixel CCD video endoscopes.
  1996 Introduced a price-competitive video endoscope series “88” with the minimum necessary functions for use with a 75W halogen lamp light source.
  1995 1995 Marketed a higher performance slim-caliber ulrasonography system with radial and linear scanning combined “Sonoprobe SP- 701,” which greatly contributed towards market expansion of ultrasound probes for use through an endoscope channel.
  1995 Started marketing the first cost-effective CCD video endoscopy system EVE 200 with a halogen lamp.
  1994 Introduced the world’s first slim-caliber ultrasonography system with radial and linear scanning combined “Sonoprobe SP-501”. Radiation part
  1993 Debuted the world’s first 410K pixel CCD video
endoscopy system EVE 400.410K pixel CCD
  1992 Unveilded the world’s first flexible electronic video laparoscope.Endoscopy
  1991 Released an ultrasound diagnostic device for use in an endoscope.EUS
The “Sonoprobe System SP-101” allowed more accurate diagnosis of lesions closer to interior digestive organ walls.
1980 1989 Marketed the EVG-HR, the first high resolution,
"super image" electronic video endoscope. Endoscopes
  1986 1986 Released the flexible hysteroscope HYS-FT
  1985 1985 Introduced the world’s first flexible hysteroscope HYS-FT at Japan Society of Gynecologic and Obstetric Endoscopy.
  1984 Introduced Electronic Video Endoscopy System with the world highest resolution at DDW, USA.

1970 1975 Introduced 5 fiberscopes, including a duodenoscope. Including a duodenoscope for full-scale medical business.
  1971 Fujinon® launches its medical endoscopic business,
soon to be global in nature.


    The first commercial product to be introduced was the “double-bending” gastro-fiberscope, the model FG-D.
  1970 Dr. Inaba made the first international presentation of Fujinon®’s endoscope at the 2nd World Congress of Gastroenterology in Rome.
1960 1969 Fujinon® exhibited its first fiberscope at the 11th Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society.
  1968 1968 Prototyped a “double-bending”gastro-fiberscope.
1940 1944 Fujinon® Corporation. was established.